Mastopexy or Breast Uplift

The science bit

What Is A Mastopexy?

Mastopexy is a procedure where excessive or stretched skin is removed to modify the size, elevation and contour of the breast.

This procedure is suitable for women who are unhappy with the shape or droop of their breasts, but don’t want an implant. As well as removing the excess skin, it is possible to also include an implant during mastopexy, for women who want more rounded or larger breasts.


What Can I Expect from Mastopexy?

The operation takes up to two hours, performed under a general anaesthetic. The procedure will often involve an overnight stay in hospital, but this depends on the extent of your surgery.

This procedure is similar to a breast reduction but without removing any breast tissue. Only excess skin is excised, and the operation sometimes also involves repositioning the nipple.

What are the Side Effects of Mastopexy?

You can expect to see some bruising, swelling and tenderness after your operation. In rare circumstances you might have some bleeding afterwards, in which case we will fit a series of small drains, which will be removed before you are discharged.

It’s vital to take things easy when you get home, to avoid any further bleeding. You will need to wear a support garment to help the recovery process and help the scars heal.

What is the Recovery Period?

We recommend you take up to 2 weeks off work after this procedure, depending on your occupation.

You will need to attend the clinic after 1 week, and then again after 2, 4 and 8 weeks, so we can monitor your progress, remove any stitches, and see how your scars are healing.

It usually takes up to a year for the scars to completely heal. In many cases you can go topless on holiday without the scars being noticeable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do The Effects Last?
This is an operation that’s only performed once, and it’s best to have it done when you have finished having children. It makes sense to keep your weight fairly stable, which will help you keep the new shape we’ve created.
Are There Any Alternatives?
If you want a slightly fuller breast, we can sometimes include a small implant during your reshape to create a more voluptuous look. In some circumstances we can achieve the uplift you want with a Breast Implant instead of a Mastopexy, which means your scars will be even less noticeable.
How Will I Feel?
Having your breasts re-shaped is a very personal decision. Because this is a very feminine part of the body, most women say they feel more sexy and confident, more able to wear different styles of clothing. It can also help repair a person’s sexual confidence.
Disclaimer: Results and patient experiences may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors including age, medical history, lifestyle and more.
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