Hair Transplant

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About Hair Loss Treatments

We use two treatments to treat hair loss:

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  2. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

During your initial consultation we will discuss both options with you, and a specialist surgeon will recommend the best treatment for you and your needs.


What Is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)?

Follicular Unit Extraction is a hair transplant technique that uses a small circular punch to extract units of hair follicles from an area of dense hair growth to an area of baldness. The procedure is very different from the old-school ‘strip’ or FUT surgery, where individual hairs are extracted directly from the donor area and replanted elsewhere on the scalp.

FUE is suitable for people who suffer from permanent, irreversible hair loss. Maybe creams and potions haven’t worked for you. Your surgeon will determine whether this treatment or FUT is more suitable for your circumstances.

In most cases FUE takes significantly less time to heal than FUT. Because only individual follicles are removed, the process leaves very small puncture scars almost invisible to the naked eye. People who want to avoid a scar line usually choose this method.

What is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)?

Follicular Unit Transplantation ( FUT) involves removing strips of skin from the patient and cutting them into grafts placed carefully to give you a full, natural effect. Because the wound is prepared so  the hair follicles on the edge of the incision can grow hair through the scar and over the donor area, the scar line is almost invisible.

What Can I Expect From a Hair Transplant?

We’ll shave your head first. The surgery is performed under local anaesthetic and a light sedative, and usually takes up to eight hours. But it depends on the number of grafts you need.

You might feel some discomfort after the procedure, which you can manage with painkillers. Your new hair will begin to grow and you’ll see the results gradually appearing within three to six months. In some cases you might benefit from a second, smaller surgery. Your surgeon will advise you.

What is the Recovery Time?

FUE generally has a quicker recovery time, as well as less post-operative discomfort than FUT.

Whichever procedure you choose, we recommend you take a week to recover. You’ll need to wear a clean cap for the first week, to protect your head while your transplant settles in. We will advise you about when you can start washing your hair, and whether you need a special shampoo or topical treatments.

How Long Do The Results Last?

The results are permanent in the places new hair has been transplanted. But male pattern baldness is an ongoing condition, and in most cases you’ll need to maintain the effect with more transplants from other areas that are shedding hair. You might also like to carry out preventative measures like PRP, prescribed medicines like Finesteride, or topical treatments like Minoxidil.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Side Effects of Hair Transplant?
Following treatment, you might experience a headache and tenderness in the area where the hair has been transplanted. Over the counter pain killers like Paracetamol – but not Ibuprofen – will reduce your discomfort. You will also get micro-scabs where the follicle has been implanted. Never pick them, or you will disturb the new follicle. It’s wise to keep the area moist with a moisturiser rather than letting it dry out. Very occasionally you may experience swelling on the forehead. This can take 4-5 days to subside, especially if you’ve had a lot of implants to create a new hairline. We will discuss any other risks you might face at your initial consultation.
What are the Alternatives?
Over the counter topical treatments are available, and they can help stop further hair loss. You could give PRP a try, which involves injecting your own platelets into the scalp and comes with extremely good results for stopping hair loss, as well as encouraging follicles which haven’t completely died to regenerate.
How Will I Feel?
Balding, especially when you’re younger than the average balding man, can have a powerful effect on the way you feel about yourself. It might even be the one thing that makes more men feel unhappy about their appearance than anything else. Once you have a good head of hair once more, your zest for life returns.
Disclaimer: Results and patient experiences may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors including age, medical history, lifestyle and more.
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