Leg Vein Treatments

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What are Leg Vein Treatments?

Prominent veins in your legs can look very unsightly, and veined legs have an ageing effect. Not so long ago treatments were a lot more invasive and painful than they are these days. Treatments for leg veins have progressed a great deal in recent years, and now it’s extremely difficult to get leg vein treatment on the NHS. The old fashioned surgical method of stripping veins has been replaced by a number of extremely effective non-surgical leg vein treatments.


Your Pre-Treatment Assessment

The type, position and size of the leg veins that are troubling you will determine the way we treat them. You might need to have a venous ultrasound, something that will give us a much better picture of what’s required and helps us to recommend the relevant treatment for the size of your particular veins.

About Red Leg Veins

Red leg veins are often mistaken for small varicose veins, but they’re not the same thing.  They’re harmless and superficial, but sometimes they appear near deeper veins that cause pressure, producing an unsightly cluster of veins. These can also be caused by trauma to your legs, i.e. injuries like falls. In these cases red leg veins are fairly simple to treat using  one of the following methods:

Veinwave (Thermovein) For Red Leg Veins

Also used to treat skin tags and milia, Veinwave is a medically-acclaimed technology that safely removes facial red veins and leg red veins.

The technology is based on a process called ‘thermocoagulation’, which involves a tiny insulated needle no bigger than an acupuncture needle introduced superficially to the red vein or veins to remove them.

Sclerotherapy For Red Leg Veins

Whether or not we recommend sclerotherapy depends on the size and width of the vein needing treatment. Unlike red spider veins, larger veins are more suitable for this treatment.

We inject the veins with a solution called Fibrovein. This disturbs the internal lining of the vein, causing the blood to clot inside. Over time your body will destroy the vein and it will disappear naturally. The concentration of the solution we use depends on the size of the vein being treated.

Foam Injections For Red Leg Veins

This method depends on the width of the vein and, also like sclerotherapy, uses a mixture of air and liquid. This method demands you wear a support garment for 7-10 days afterwards, to contain the foam in the vein. Over time the vein will disappear completely.

Sometimes we recommend foam injections, a procedure involving making small volumes of Fibrovein solution into a foam. In this form it is really effective for treating larger underlying veins, those that can’t be treated with conventional Sclerotherapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Side Effects?
With all of the above treatments there is some discomfort, but this can be alleviated quickly and easily by taking two Paracetamol beforehand. You may get some redness and inflammation but this usually settles within 7-10 days. You might also get some discolouration around the area too, which will also fade with time.
What Should I Avoid After My Red Leg Vein Treatment?
It’s best to avoid hot baths and exposure to the sun for the first month after your treatment. For the best results for both sclerotherapy and foam treatments it is very important to wear the special supporting garment that has been measured specifically for your leg for as long as we advise you to.
How To Prevent Leg Veins
Many leg veins are hereditary, and while we can’t guarantee they won’t reappear, science has proved that wearing support during the winter will help to considerably reduce the risk of the veins becoming prominent again. It also helps to keep your legs raised when sitting, and taking regular exercise to increase your circulation also makes a big difference.
How Will I Feel?
Anyone who has suffered from prominent leg veins knows it can restrict what you wear, make you feel self-conscious, and even ruin a beach holiday. This treatment gives you clearer-looking legs so improves your self-esteem, boosts your confidence and makes you feel a lot better about yourself.
Disclaimer: Results and patient experiences may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors including age, medical history, lifestyle and more.
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