Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

The science bit

What is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)?

IPL is a non-invasive treatment for mild and moderate skin conditions like pigmentation, facial thread veins, and rosacea. It is also used to improve the general tone and texture of the skin to create a rejuvenated look.

Using bright light energy , IPL penetrates just below the skin’s surface to ‘damage’ the skin pigment or blood vessels. The body’s natural skin repair mechanisms swing into action as a result, removing the damaged tissue to produce smoother-looking skin.

The advantage of IPL systems, unlike laser treatments, is the minimal downtime and the almost complete lack of disruption to your everyday activities.


What Can I Expect from IPL?

We use a high-intensity IPL pulsed light to penetrate the tissue, depending on the condition we are treating, to the correct depth and at the right speed. We use protective eyewear, and we ask you to use it too. You’ll feel a warm sensation as the light hits your skin. If we’re treating pigmentation, your skin might go a bit darker in the area we treat first, then it will lighten and clear.

How Many IPL Treatments Will I Need?

Depending on the severity of the condition, we recommend anything from 1-3 treatments spread a month apart.

Is There Any Discomfort During IPL Treatment?

Most people can tolerate IPL treatment fairly well. A few people have described it as very like a rubber band snapping onto the skin. You might choose to apply a topical anaesthetic, maybe a cream, but you should only need it if we’re working on an extremely sensitive area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Recovery Time from IPL?
Most people will experience some pinkness in the area treated, which you can cover up with tinted make-up or moisturiser. It’s vital to apply sunblock before you leave the clinic, and reapply it every day until your next treatment. It’s best not to go on holiday within 2 weeks of having a treatment, since the sun can cause the skin to react and cause uneven pigmentation.
Are There Any Risks With IPL?
We always carry out a patch test first, to pin down the correct setting for your own unique skin type and condition. In very rare circumstances IPL can cause blistering or burning, which is why we always ask you to wear protection, and why we wear it too. It’s vitally important to follow your aftercare instructions for the best results.
What Are The Alternatives to IPL?
IPL is often used in conjunction with other treatments to achieve superior results. While it can also be used to treat acne scars, this isn’t the first line of acne treatment we recommend. A combination of treatments involves; Veinwave for individual facial thread veins rather than general redness, Medical Peels for reducing pore size and for superficial pigmentation, Dermapen for stubborn pigmentation and to tighten the skin.
How Will I Feel After the Treatment?
Your skin is on show all of the time, sometimes less than others. Once your skin is clearer, fresher and feels great, you feel better all over. Less self-conscious, more confident, and younger-feeling.
Disclaimer: Results and patient experiences may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors including age, medical history, lifestyle and more.
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