How we help individuals with severe acne.

Acne is a natural part of most individuals' teenage years, but many people will develop severe acne, which can result in pain, scarring, and low self-esteem.

We offer several treatments that can reduce acne and scarring so that you can go back to feeling your best.

One of our current clients is happy for us to share her experiences in the hope that it will help others who are struggling to seek professional treatment.

In March 2020, 19-year-old Niamh started a new contraceptive pill. As someone who had never suffered prior to this with spots, she was shocked that she had developed severe acne within two weeks of starting the pill, which was very painful and upsetting for her.

Niamh researched and bought a variety of new skincare products, started a new face wash routine, and drastically minimised the makeup she wore. There was initially a tiny improvement, but her skin worsened after being on the pill for a month.

She revisited the doctors to explain the issue. However, the doctor didn't want to change the pill and instead prescribed her medicated cream. This had no improvement on her skin, so in May 2020, Niamh made an appointment with our Principal Practitioner, Jackie. During the in-depth acne consultation, they discussed Niamh's history, the acne's cause, and what methods she had already tried.

Jackie recommended three chemical peels at two-week intervals. The six-week treatment also included Niamh using a recommended gentle cleanser, blemish cream, and SPF moisturiser daily.

When the treatment was completed, Niamh was shocked by how well her skin reacted to the peel, and felt much more informed and confident. The extent of the acne and discolouration was reduced greatly, which was also helped by having one of A New You’s Hydrafacials.

Niamh explained: "Nobody wants to talk about acne on social media or anything and to develop acne at 19 was really alien to me. It was so refreshing to go to A New You and have it all explained to me and that my skin would get better - it was a massive relief. Jackie was amazing; she made me feel so comfortable and really looked after me."

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