Pro Tips to Make Your Skin Clearer Than Ever, Fast!

Having healthy-looking, clear skin is something almost all of us want. But not everyone is blessed with a naturally flawless look, leaving many feeling like there’s simply no method of eliminating acne, hyperpigmentation and scarring to achieve the glowing skin they crave – no matter how hard they try.

Yes, whilst genes and a good dose of luck can contribute to the appearance of skin, investing in a skin care routine that works for your specific skin type and implementing some serious skin-boosting techniques into your daily routine, you’ll be giving your skin the best possible chance of clearing up and looking more radiant than ever!

So, to discover some pro skin-clearing tips you can start using right away, take a look at our points below.

1. Establish Your Skin Type

In order to start giving your skin the care and attention it needs, you must identify your skin type. After all, how can you choose products and techniques for your skin if you don’t know what to look out for?

Oily or Dry?

Generally, there are four main skin types: normal, dry, oily, or combination.

Next time to wash your face, take some time to really investigate your skin. If your skin feels tight instantly and you notice it starting to flake throughout the day, you have dry skin. But if your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) remains slick and you become shiny very quickly, it’s highly likely you have oily skin instead.

As the name suggests, ‘combination’ defines skin that’s a combination of both oily and dry, and ‘normal’ refers to skin that doesn’t show particular signs of either – it’s just pretty normal!

Once you’ve worked out what skin type you have, you can then buy skincare products that will specifically work for you. Most products will specify which skin type they suit but, if in doubt, ask.

Or alternatively, check out some of our bespoke facial treatments here at A New You specifically designed to suit a variety of skin types.

2. Always remove makeup

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who forget or simply can’t be bothered to remove makeup before they go to bed.

Removing makeup lets your skin breathe, which is essential when trying to improve its clarity and reduce spots. And, as well as clogging pores, keeping makeup on will also prevent you from applying any skincare products.

Night-time is the perfect opportunity to give your face some skin-loving TLC it can really absorb. But, unless you have a makeup-free face, how will you apply it? You can’t!

3. Exfoliate

Because exfoliators are rarely found as a staple item in many of today’s skincare routines, many overlook the sheer importance of this process.

Exfoliating not only removes layers of dead skin, but also draws out any dirt that may be residing in your pores to reveal your skin’s natural glow and radiance.

But don’t exfoliate too often – once or twice a week is more than enough!

Whilst you may feel jealous of those with clear, healthy-looking skin, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve the same.

Simply getting to know your skin, buying products to suit, and ensuring to keep your face clean and exfoliated on a regular basis will finally shine light on the radiant-looking skin you deserve.

Still suffering from poor skin? We have a wide range of skin care treatment available here at A New You. Get in touch with one of our skin care experts via our contact page and book a consultation to discuss the best option for you.

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