Meet the team: Daniela

We sat down with our Senior Aesthetician, Daniela to find out more about her and how she keeps her skin looking fabulous.

Her skill, knowledge and customer care, makes her a force to be reckoned with in the aesthetics world. This coupled with her enviable skin, meant we had to sit down with her to find out her top skincare tips!

When did you start working at A New You?

"I've had the pleasure to start working here back in 2017, which means, I have now been working here for 4 years! I absolutely love the clinic and am so grateful to be part of the team."

What is your favourite part of the job? 

"My favourite part of the job is to see how happy my clients are after treatments. It’s so motivating to see the great results we can achieve. I also love how much the Clinic invests in great machines and training courses, so we can provide the best knowledge in order to recommend the right treatments to our clients."

What is your favourite treatment? 

"It’s tough to pick just one treatment. As I believe what is the best for one person is not necessarily what it would be for another person. However, I do love the results of Botox, Lasers and fillers."

What are your top skincare tips for ensuring glowing skin? 

"Always apply Sunscreen in the morning, no matter if it is raining or if you're planning to stay inside. It’s essential to keep your skin protected from all light exposure. I would also make sure your skin is clean before bed and ensure to apply the right night cream for your skin. When you are asleep, your skin works to repair itself, so it's so important to optimise this time."

Do you follow a skin regimen? 

"Yes, I do, as I feel it is really important. Every morning, I wash my face and neck, then I apply VitaminC serum, followed by some eye cream, moisturiser, and always apply SPF 50 tint. Then every evening, I rewash my face and neck and apply retinol 0.5%, followed by some eye cream and moisturiser."


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