If vampires don’t age, why should you?

If vampires don’t age, why should you? This Halloween, sink your teeth into the Vampire Facial at A New You – the treatment currently taking the aesthetics world by storm!

Made famous by that photo of Kim Kardashian on Instagram, the Vampire Facial (also known as the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial) is one of the latest trends in the aesthetic and cosmetic world, that boasts big-time benefits for your skin.

And while Halloween might be on the horizon, the Vampire Facial is a treatment done by clinics across the country, all year round – including A New You, the independent and CQC registered clinic based in Brighton.

Providing a tailor-made and personalised experience to its clients, the A New You clinic offers a plethora of both surgical and non-surgical treatments, to both men and women. Headed up by Principal Consultant and Registered Nurse, Jackie Knight, the Vampire Facial is the latest offering from the clinic which has already seen many happy customers benefiting from its (surprisingly not-so-scary) procedure.

What is a Vampire Facial?

Designed to tone and rejuvenate the texture of your skin, a Vampire Facial extracts around 50ml-100ml of your own blood (which is roughly around three tablespoons). Your Clinic Aesthetician will then harvest the regenerative properties found in your blood, using a PRP System to separate the blood, plasma and platelets. A topical anaesthetic is applied to your face, and the PRP injected back into your face via a syringe or microneedling. The whole procedure will set you back just around 30 minutes!

How does it work, and what does it do?

A Vampire Facial can target a number of problem areas, including fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, mild volume loss, and skin lacklustre of tired-looking skin. It can also be performed on your neck, hands, and on other parts of your body, and is even suitable for use on the sensitive areas around the eyes and mouth.

Is it safe?

If performed by a licensed and aesthetician in a sterile and registered clinic, absolutely! And while the photos you might have seen resemble something fit for Halloween, don’t be fooled – the treatment is performed under topical anaesthetic so is almost pain-free (most clients just report a slight ‘pinch’ at the point of entry).

And this Halloween, the team are A New You are providing a trick-free zone, with clients being thoroughly treated to 25% off for the whole month of October!

Jackie Knight, Principal Consultant at A New You, commented: “The Vampire Facial is a great natural and organic alternative to surgical treatments which we’ve seen great success with at A New You, with customers noting visibly younger, firmer, and smoother looking skin post-treatment. With that in mind, we’re very pleased to be offering this treatment at a reduced rate of 25% this October! For a natural, radiant-looking glow, call our Brighton clinic today to book in for a consultation!”


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