How to Keep Your Skin Soft & Radiant This Winter

With the winter months slowly but surely making an appearance, maintaining soft, smooth skin is definitely more of a challenge. With the cold weather and central heating much more likely to make your skin dry, dull and chapped, here are some top tips you can use to keep your skin, lips and hands super smooth and healthy this upcoming winter.

1. Switch-up your moisturiser

Whilst this may seem obvious, opting for a richer moisturiser during the colder months can work wonders for your skin – yet many people simply stick to the lightweight moisturiser they’ve been using all summer, thinking it’s enough.

Applicable to the face, body and hands, avoid lotions as they tend to be thinner and not as intensely nourishing. Instead, opt for thick cream-based moisturisers that usually come packaged in a jar or tub – perfect for dry skin that needs a little extra TLC!

2. Shower at lower temperatures

During winter, it’s extremely tempting to take a hot, steamy shower or bath after a long day out in the cold weather. And whilst this does make sense, it’s actually one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Hot water typically evaporates quicker than cold, and this can create dry cracks in the skin – leaving it feeling incredibly dehydrated and sore.

The best solution is to reduce your water temperature every time you bathe or have a shower. But, if you can’t bear to be without your indulgent hot showers, make sure to keep your bathroom door closed if possible and moisturise immediately after your skin dries to prevent dehydrated cracks forming.

3. Protect your lips

It’s not just your skin that suffers during winter – your lips seriously struggle too! Often becoming chapped and sore in the cold weather, ensuring you have a super moisturising lip balm to hand is essential to avoid pain and keep your lips soft.

Look out for ingredients like shea butter when purchasing a lip balm, as this is renowned for its intense moisturising properties. And try to apply it before and after every meal to protect against acidic foods that could cause a sharp sensation, as well as every morning and night.

4. Don’t forget SPF!

Most people assume SPF only needs to be applied during the summer months, but this is most certainly not the case. Just because the weather temperature might not be hot, this doesn’t mean sun exposure can’t still damage your skin and cause sun spots, premature ageing and hyperpigmentation – especially if reflected off white snow.

Purchase a thick moisturiser that has at least SPF 15 already included. This way, you won’t have to remember to apply SPF separately every morning, as the job will already be done for you every time you put on your moisturiser.

If you want more information on how to ensure your skin stays soft and supple during the winter – or rectify any current skin concerns you may have, get in touch with us today at A New You to book your consultation.


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