How to Choose the Best Face Mask for Your Skin

Everyone’s skin is totally different. When it comes to face masks, it can require a little research and trial-and-error before you truly find one that works wonders for you.

And, with the huge number of face masks currently out there on the market, simply knowing where to start can be overwhelming – let alone deciding which one to try!

So whether you’re a seasoned face mask user who just hasn’t managed to find their perfect one yet, or simply someone who’s never used a face mask before and wants to give them a go, here’s everything you need to know to ensure you choose the BEST possible face mask for your specific skin type.

Identifying Your Skin Type

It’s important to remember that what works for your friend in terms of skincare, might not work for you.

Before even thinking about putting a brand-new face mask onto your skin, it’s essential you identify which skin type you have. As a general rule of thumb, there are three main skin types – dry, oily and normal/combination skin.

They’re pretty self-explanatory – if you don’t necessarily identify as being super dry or super oily, it’s likely you simply have normal/combination skin. But, if you need a little extra reassurance or advice to truly understand your skin type, contact us to arrange a professional skin consultation.

Dry Skin

Often categorized by flaky, overly dry patches that never seem to feel moisturized enough, finding the perfect face mask could be an absolute game-changer if your skin is more on the dry side.

Hydration and moisture are the two key words you need to be looking out for. Nourishment is essential to keep dry skin feeling supple and soft, meaning sheet masks are likely to become your new best friend.

Packed-full with intense moisture and active ingredients specifically designed to penetrate deep within the skin, sheet masks are a guaranteed hydration-booster your dry skin will love.

Oily Skin

As the name suggests, oily skin simply produces too much oil. This can clog pores and leave your complexion looking shiny.

So, when it comes to face masks, selecting one that’s specifically designed to eliminate excess oil and clear your pores is guaranteed to reduce the oily nature of your skin.

Clay masks work wonders for this, simply because they help pull out impurities, bacteria and oil from pores, their highly-absorbent qualities able to re-balance the oils on your skin and make your pores appear smaller.

Normal/Combination Skin

Whilst this is commonly seen as the ‘best’ skin type to have, it can actually be the most difficult to find a face mask for. Neither overly oily or dry, normal/combination skin is simply somewhere in between!

Choosing a mask that’s too moisturizing could result in impurities on oil-prone parts of your skin, whilst a mask that’s too purifying could ‘strip’ your skin of all its natural oils, causing flakiness in the dryer places.

It’s therefore essential to get the balance right with this type, making clay masks a good option – provided they have the correct ingredients. Opt for masks containing honey and essential oils, as these will still provide hydration without going overboard, whilst the clay component will still eliminate excess oil in any problem areas you may have.

Face masks are a real skincare favourite – and it’s not hard to see why! As long as you take the time to identify your skin type and choose your mask accordingly, you’re guaranteed to feel the benefits.

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