Frighteningly good new Vampire Treatment using Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) technology

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) technology

This treatment is relatively new to the market, offering more benefits than the more well-known platelet-rich plasma (PRP). It follows a similar concept of isolating regenerative properties from the client’s blood sample and then injecting them back into the skin; however, PRF is the superior treatment because it includes the protein fibrin.

We are the only clinic in the Brighton area offering this treatment. PRF harnesses the remarkable healing and regeneration capability in our blood, specifically from the platelets and growth factors. These growth factors are proteins that stimulate the development of many processes, such as skin remodelling and the healing process.
At A New You, we rely on science to prove the effectiveness of all treatments we offer. We constantly refer to scientific papers to guide us in our treatment pathways. (See the end of the page for papers regarding PRF)

PRF and PRP - What is the difference?
PRF has three times the level of growth factors compared to PRP. The fibrin, used in PRF, creates a temporary clot under the skin and releases the growth factors and platelets slowly over seven to ten days, compared to PRP which releases them all in one day. This is one of the reasons that clinical studies show PRF to outperform PRP in many areas.

Benefits of PRF include:
● Softened fine lines
● Improved skin texture
● Reduced redness
● Reversed photo damage
● Targeting melasma
● Halted and reversed hair loss in both male-pattern baldness and thinning in female hair with age, and also in alopecia areata
● Stimulating fibroblasts to secrete more collagen, thus plumping and thickening skin
● Lightening of dark under-eye circles
● There is currently limited evidence - due to its new arrival on the scene - for the efficacy of PRF in scarring and stretch marks. However there is plenty of evidence for PRP effect and so it seems fair to assume benefits from PRF also.

What is the procedure?
The treatment involves taking blood from the client and then spinning this in a centrifuge to separate the blood into layers, each containing different cells. We then select the desired layer to inject the plasma back into the skin on the face, scalp, or other areas of concern.

At A New You, we have skin analysis technology. You will have a pre-procedural analysis, followed by another after three treatments. We can then reassess the health of your skin.

What is the treatment protocol?
PRF is performed as a series of treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart. Long term benefits, such as enhanced skin quality, collagen production and skin tightening, may take up to 3-4 months to be noticed and can last from 6-12 months. At this point, repeat treatments are needed less frequently to maintain the benefits. PRF can also be used in conjunction with micro-needling and dermal fillers, depending on the areas of focus.

You don’t just have to use PRF technology on your face: you can also use it to combat hair loss. For this procedure, monthly treatments are needed for at least six months. We would always suggest you discuss using other treatments in conjunction with the PRF, such as minoxidil, a topical spray and/or finasteride, which can be oral or topical.

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