Countdown To Christmas Beauty

With the countdown to Christmas already started, there are only a few weeks to get into a beauty regime that will ensure you show off your best side during the festivities.

Of course there are many treatments that can help give your skin and body a boost, but in the meantime a good routine including regular cleansing and toning as well as twice-weekly exfoliation with get rid of dead skin and help your face absorb any skin care products.

Face masks and eye treatments started a month or so before Christmas will help invigorate skin, particularly if you have wrinkles or bags.  Use targeted treatments for the sensitive areas and if you have specific issues such as dark circles, dull skin or signs of ageing, there are many solutions available at A New You.

The Hydrafacial is an immediate opportunity to boost skin tone and texture as it uses a combination of innovative technologies to brighten, firm and rehydrate.  Other treatments such as Dermaroller or Mesotherapy can also provide instant results and long term regeneration benefits, making them go-to favourites for the party season.

Vouchers for this and other treatments are also great presents– you won’t just be giving a token, you could be giving the gift of great skin that will last way beyond Christmas Day.

There are also a wide range of other treatments and procedures that are available for you or the people you love. Whether wanting to treat the face or body, all are tailored to the individual and are carried out by highly-qualified and experienced practitioners.

According to recent research, the most commonly gifted procedures are anti-ageing injections and fillers, but cosmetic treatments are also increasingly popular presents.

For those seeking more comprehensive improvements, Christmas is also a great time for surgical procedures as the holiday period offers plenty of time to heal and recover before the world gets back into action in the New Year.

Anti-ageing surgeries are among the most popular choices at A New You, including face lifts and neck lifts, plus there is also a very high demand for breast augmentation.

Jackie Knight, Principal Practitioner, says she would caution anyone who is considering a cosmetic procedure to do their research, and select the best option for the procedure they want.

‘We are always happy to offer completely independent advice to all our clients and potential clients. It is important that people take the time to understand what is involved and make sure they are getting exactly the procedure that is right for them. We can help achieve that,’ she added.

For those who don’t want to go under the knife there are still very many options for reducing the signs of ageing.

Whether you want to look good for Christmas, the New Year or sometime in the future pop in to see us, or call for advice.


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