Breast implants, what do you need to know about them?

There are many reasons as to why someone may choose to have breast augmentation surgery. These reasons differ from wanting to increase/decrease the size, changing their shape or just making them a little more even.

In a recent article published by The Guardian, they found that ‘more than 1,200 serious incidents linked to breast implants have been reported in the UK since the start of 2015. With a huge number of women missing from clinical trials designed to monitor safety. Reports of ruptured implants, pain, disfigurement, allergic reactions and other symptoms.’

Deciding whether or not to have a ‘boob job’ requires careful consideration. It’s recommended to involve a discussion with a reputable medical professional with expertise in breast augmentation, as part of the decision-making process – they can advise on whether or not the surgery would be right for you, from an objective standpoint.

Choosing a clinic you trust

Our top tip is, wherever you go, you make sure you go to a CQC registered clinic. It may come as a bit of a surprise to many, but not all clinics out there are! At A New You, we ensure that we adhere to the highest standard and are of course, CQC registered.

Choosing a surgeon you trust

One of the most important phases before proceeding with surgery is finding a surgeon who you trust. In any event, it is advised to undertake individual research and to have an understanding of your desired goals. Many surgeons have different opinions of which size, shape, and position would be suitable for your frame, therefore, it is advised to have a variety of consultations to gather as much information possible, to help make your informed choice.

Furthermore, when choosing a surgeon, during your consultation(s) you have the right to ask about the surgeon’s qualifications and vast experience, often they have a portfolio to present you with, showcasing before/after photos. You are in the position to ask how many complications they may have had – if any. You also have the opportunity to ask questions about the implants they will be using and why. What you can expect if things go wrong and finally what their patient satisfaction rates are.

Aren’t breast implants lifetime assured?

Contrary to popular belief, breast implants do not last a lifetime and will need to be checked after at least 10 years, at which point, there is a possibility that they may need to be replaced. It is said that the average saline or silicone implant (two types of implants used) last on average between 10 to 20 years.

Many people forget how important it is to get their implants checked. The reasons vary, but after a few years, there can be a few indications that may lead you into either wanting to get an implant replacement or removal.

For example, over the years, people’s body shapes generally changes and weight can fluctuate which in turn can change the appearance of the size and shape of the implants, which can encourage implant replacement or removal. In addition to personal preferences, there are occasions that on medical grounds, replacement or removal is required. For instance, if the tissue surrounding the implant begins to harden, this can often cause tightness around the chest area, stimulating pain and tenderness.

If you have cause for concern, don’t ignore it. Make an appointment to see one of our friendly medical experts to have this checked out.

Make sure you do your research!

You may recall, back in 2012, it was announced that PIP silicone was declared dangerous, where around 50,000 British women were operated on with a ‘faulty’ implant, causing serious concerns.

The 2012 scandal found that the firm which made Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) had double the implant rupture rate than any other implants. It was also found out that the silicone used in these implants, were, in fact, the same type used in mattresses.

What we can do to help you at A New You

At A New You, our clinic will always provide you with trustworthy, honest and ethical clinical advice. From the minute you book your consultation, our registered nurse, Jackie and our other, highly qualified practitioners, will conduct a thorough medical check. As a registered nurse, Jackie will always put the patient’s mental health above anything else, ensuring you understand what the procedure will entail.

We have a lot of experience in both having breast augmentation for the first time, and also in checking implants that have been done some years before.

To find out more about A New You, and the variety of treatments and services we can offer, please contact us 01273 604444 or email us at to discuss a bespoke treatment plan for you.


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