3 Top Tips for Wearing Makeup to the Gym (without damaging your skin!)

With the amount of gym memberships increasing by a huge 44% over the past couple of years, it’s clear more people than ever are taking their fitness seriously and sweating it out at the gym.

But, whilst this is certainly a good thing, with today’s society being consistently influenced with gorgeous-looking celebrities who always appear to look perfect, many women can feel self-conscious when visiting the gym.

The solution?

Many use makeup for an instant boost of confidence – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But, whilst covering imperfections with foundation might make you feel great, it’s certainly not great when exercising.

The combination of sweat and heavy makeup is simply disastrous for the skin, significantly increasing the risk of breakouts and pimples. But, confidence is also important too – especially when working out in front of strangers.

So, to ensure you remain fierce and confident without damaging your skin, here’s some tips on how to safely wear makeup to the gym.

1. Spot-correct

Whilst foundation is one of the most commonly-used makeup items, it’s simply too heavy for the gym. In combination with sweat, foundation will do nothing but clog your pores and look streaky – it will be extremely difficult to find a foundation that doesn’t do this!

It’s highly unlikely your entire face will be covered with pimples and redness so, when going to the gym, only cover necessary areas.

Use a matte concealer that won’t slide off with sweat, and spot-correct dark circles, acne or discolouration you’re unhappy with – and let the rest of your face breathe.

2. Use waterproof mascara

Mascara is a surprisingly good option to wear in the gym. It doesn’t go directly onto your skin, and works absolute wonders in making your eyelashes look long and fluttery – a real confidence booster!

But mascara will only work if it’s waterproof. Otherwise, when haphazardly wiping sweat from your eye, it will smear and you’ll look like a panda.

Trial and error is key here, as some waterproof mascaras are better than others. Try out a few until you find one that works for your eyes, and you’ll have sweat-proof, luscious eyelashes that will last throughout your workout.

3. Use matte products

Looking shiny in the gym is virtually inevitable. After all, if you’re not sweating, are you really working hard enough?

But, by using a product like blotting sheets directly after your workout, your skin will simply look dewy and healthy instead. Don’t bother applying a powder before you start, as it will simply slide off with sweat – swipe a blotting sheet over your face once your workout is done, and your skin will instantly look more matte with shine significantly reduced.

Wearing makeup to the gym is fine, but only if you keep it light and fresh. Heavy makeup will simply cause more harm than good in the long-run, creating acne-like blemishes that will likely decrease confidence even further.

Here at A New You, we offer a variety of skin-boosting treatments specifically designed to tackle a wide range of skin issues. Your skin will both look and feel clearer, allowing you to head to the gym with just a mascara in your pocket – or even makeup free!

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