Non-Surgical Ear Correction

The science bit

What is a Non Surgical Earfold?

Earfold is an innovative implant treatment that effectively corrects sticking out ears. The implant is made from cleverly-shaped elastic nitinol, coated with 24-carat gold so it lies invisibly under the skin.


What Can I Expect from Earfold?

The implant is inserted into the fold of the ear under local anaesthetic, where it reduces the prominence of the ears.

The treatment takes less than an hour in the clinic, no bandages are required, and the position of the implant is fully demonstrated at your consultation with the surgeon. This gives you the opportunity to gauge whether the non-surgical correction we can achieve will be enough, or if you need to consider the surgical option instead. (Su, link to the surgical ear correction page)

Is Any Recovery Time Necessary?

There will be some tenderness and redness, possibly some bruising afterwards. The small stitch we insert will need to be removed after a week.   Long hair will disguise these signs of the treatment and therefore the following day you could return to work.  Otherwise you may need a couple of days off work or until the stitches are removed.

What Is The Aftercare for Non-Surgical Ear Correction?

Sport should be avoided for 4 weeks to allow the implants to settle. You should also avoid extreme heat and cold, and sleep on your back or wear a headband to protect your ears while you sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does it Last?
The effects are permanent as long as the implant remains in place. We can remove it any time you like.
What Are The Alternatives?
A surgical option may be more appropriate. It depends on how much your ears stick out and the amount of correction we need to do. We’ll discuss all the details with you at your consultation.
How Will I Feel?
Men and women who have this procedure say it greatly improves their confidence. It might be the first time in your life you can have short hair without feeling embarrassed, or wear your hair back or up, and that feels fantastic! Imagine how good it will feel no longer feeling self-conscious about having photographs taken?=
Disclaimer: Results and patient experiences may vary. These are dependent on a number of factors including age, medical history, lifestyle and more.
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