The importance of everyday SPF wear

How often should we be wearing sunscreen? Only when the sun is out? Or should we be wearing it every day and integrating it as part of our morning skincare routine?

We are all familiar with the terms ‘UVA’ and ‘UVB light’, which are bad for our skin when exposed for long periods. However, there is another light we need to be concerned about too. A light that we are all commonly and vulnerably exposed to This is called ‘HEV’, also known as, ‘blue light’, which is emitted from our everyday phones, tablets, kindles and computer screens! Studies have shown that not only can this damage your eyes, but it can affect your skin too.

Without sunscreen, skin can become damaged from hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and reduced skin laxity (loss of collagen and elasticity of the skin).

So what is blue light?

Blue light is a short-wavelength and is part of the visible portion of the light spectrum with high energy, and it may come as a surprise to many, that it can be found everywhere!

Sunlight is the main source of blue light, similar to UVA and UVB rays. However, blue light is also found in many indoor technologies, which we mentioned previously, such as TV screens and phones etc.

How do you prevent your skin from getting damaged from these rays?

Thankfully! The answer is simple and straightforward, just simply add sunscreen as part of your daily skincare routine. The common mistake we make is thinking that we only need to wear sunscreen when the sun is out. However, these UVA, UVB and HEV rays are everywhere, which we are all exposed to frequently.

Not wearing sunscreen which can lead to long term causes such as Melanoma. To make sure you are keeping yourself safe from all these rays, we can’t emphasise the importance of sunscreen. These can vary from SPF 15 to 45, however the higher the SPF value, the higher the protection.

The best advice we can provide is starting to integrate sunscreen from an early age and the amount is important too. A full length of your front finger should be used to cover the entire face and rubbed in very well in normal weather conditions i.e., a cloudy day. If you’re in direct sunlight this should be applied every two hours. Our founder and registered nurse, Jackie Knight has been wearing sunscreen from a young age and her skin remains looking youthful and healthy. That’s her secret!

At A New You, we offer a range of great sunscreens ranging in SPF strength for a combination of skin types. Sunscreen is a great prevention to slowing the process of delaying the appearance of ageing against environmental factors, pollution and UVA, UVB and HEV rays.

There is such a choice of treatments available, it can be daunting to pick the ideal skincare regimen. However, at A New You, we provide professional advice to help you achieve that healthy, glowing skin for decades.


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