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Eyelid/Eye Bag Reduction


Blepharoplasty - Before

Blepharoplasty - After
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What is Eyelid Reduction?

Eyelid / Eye Bag Reduction is also known as blepharoplasty.  Here is a description of the distinguishing difference between the two.

Eyelid reduction addresses excess or hooded skin. It is designed to banish a permanently tired look and give a fresher appearance. Lost skin elasticity mainly affects the upper eyelids. With age, the brow shifts downwards and the eyebrows come to lie below their usual boney ridge, exaggerating the effect. If hooding is caused by drooping of the brow, an endoscopic brow lift may be recommended.*

What is Eye Bag Reduction?

Eye bag reduction corrects puffy bags below the eyes. There is often a strong hereditary link, particularly with regard to eye bags in men. However, ageing can also be the cause, and ageing around the eyes is associated with the formation of excess skin and eye bags.*

Additional Information

This procedure doesn’t deal with dark circles under the eyes – that’s a circulatory problem. We can advise you on Vitamin K creams to improve this condition.

These operations are popular with men and women in their fourties/fifties, who have either droopy eyelids or excessive skin on the lower lids. These procedures are usually more suitable for younger patients with thicker and more elastic skin.*

What can I expect?

An incision line is made in the crease of the eye for the upper eyelids, where it is inconspicuous. If you need to have skin removed from the lower lids, a small incision is made close to the lower lids’ eyelashes, extending out to the natural crinkles at the corner of your eye. Alternatively, when only fat is to be removed, a laser can be used to make the incision which produces little to no scarring for the lower lids.*

Eyelid surgery can be performed alone or combined with other facial surgery procedures like face and brow lifts. Surgery normally takes between one and two hours, depending on whether both the upper and lower lids are being corrected.*

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