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Facial Red Veins - Before

Facial Red Veins - After
*Results may vary

Facial Red Veins - Before

Facial Red Veins - After
*Results may vary

What is Veinwave™?

Veinwave is medically-acclaimed technology that provides safe removal of facial red veins, also referred to as telangiectasia, capillaries, milia (milk spots) and skin tags.*

Developed and pioneered by Consultant Vascular Surgeon Dr Brian Newman MD, FRCS, the technology is based on a process called “thermacoagulation “. The technology has featured on TV shows such as Embarrassing Bodies, where it has “wowed” people with its fast, effective and instant results.*

What can I expect?

Red/Thread Veins/Capillaries

Working in a very different way to options such as laser and IPL for red vein removal, Veinwave™ is relatively painless and can be completed in under half an hour. The broken vein is treated with a high-frequency current which sets up an inflammatory reaction and seals the vein, causing it to disperse naturally in the body.* The skin feels warm while the treatment is taking place – there may be some discomfort depending on the area being treated.*

Up to three treatments may be required to remove the veins*, depending on the number and location of the veins to be treated, whereas other vein removal methods such as laser not only can be more uncomfortable but may take many weeks to show a result.*

Dr Newman has explained, “The technique is different to anything else available, sealing the vein rather than trying to fade or burn it. As a Consultant Vascular Surgeon I am well aware that sealing the vein is the safest and easiest way to remove it. After the vein has been sealed it is simply reabsorbed by the body.”*


Otherwise known as milk spots, milia are frequently found under the eyes and on the cheeks. They’re very easy to treat with Veinwave™. The milia are treated with a high-frequency current to break the skin and dislodge the blockage which causes the milia to form. The milia can then be popped out, leaving a small reddened area which can be easily covered with mineral make-up. The redness will subside within a couple of days. The treatment usually takes about 15 minutes.  Sometimes more than one treatment is needed.*

Skin Tags

Skin tags, which can often be found on the face, neck, back or under the arms, can be removed easily, leaving virtually no trace of them. Veinwave™ works by creating an inflammatory reaction. The skin tag is then cauterized at the base, cutting off the blood supply and causing it to become darker in colour and drop off naturally in a few days.*

Impartial and informative consultation

It is very important to discuss your goals and expectations before making a decision, and we want you to be fully and properly prepared. Our consultations are held at our Brighton clinic. They are totally confidential, and there’s no obligation to proceed. To book a consultation, call 01273 604444, email us or fill in our consultation booking form.