23 October 2011

To pout or not to pout, that is the question

Over the past six months or so, we’ve noticed a trend away from cosmetic surgery towards more natural lip enhancement.

People are making a concerted effort not to appear like those who have ended up with a "trout pout".  We believe that natural enhancement is far more attractive.

Look out for the range of natural lip fillers or lip line treatments which will make you look lovely, gently plumped and beautifully shaped without the need for surgery and any possible trout-like results.

There are some gorgeous lip colours out now for the autumn from dark berry stains to bright fuchsias, naturals to corals, luscious reds to toffees, so there’s one to suit everybody.

What do you think looks best? “Trout Pout” or “Natural, No Doubt”?!

Send us your comments. 



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