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Sclerotherapy is the removal of leg thread veins otherwise known as spider veins. Thread or red veins are the common names for those unsightly red veins lying under the surface of the skin, usually on the legs.

Prices start from £275.

Who is it suitable for?

Sclerotherapy is suitable for men and women who have thin spider/broken veins.  It is not suitable for treating varicose veins, which often go hand in hand with spider veins. It's important to have a scan to decide on the best method of treatment for the varicose veins before we look at treating the spider veins.

What can I expect?

An irritant solution is injected directly into the vein with a fine needle, which causes the vein to shrink.  The vein then disperses naturally and is absorbed by the body, similar to the way in which a bruise fades away.  You will experience a mild discomfort, rather like an insect bite.

Immediately after the treatment, treated areas can appear red and bumpy with small swellings similar to a nettle rash. This condition usually settles down within 48 hours.

One to three treatments are normally required.  Each treatment takes 30-60 minutes with an interval of four to six weeks between treatments.

Success Rate

In most instances this treatment is very successful, particularly so in the upper part of the leg.  Once your veins have been treated they cannot reform. However, if you are prone to the condition new thread veins may develop in other areas.

Sclerotherapy before & after

Impartial and informative consultation

It is veryy important to discuss your goals and expectations before making a decision, and we want you to be fully and properly prepared. Our consultations are held at our Brighton clinic. They are totally confidential and there's no obligation to proceed. To book a consultation, call 01273 604444, email us or fill in our contact form.


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