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Male Chest ("Man Boobs") Reduction (Gynaecomastia)

Between 40-60% of men suffer from ‘man boobs', also known as gynaecomastia.  Male chest reduction is one of the most popular male surgical procedures.  To book a consultation click here.

Who is the procedure suitable for?

Men who can't lose the fat around their "man boobs", or who lose weight but the "man boobs" remain may be suitable for this procedure.  It isn't suitable for anyone who has lost a large amount of weight and has been left with excess skin and fat; this would require a different procedure, and we would be happy to discuss options with you.

What can I expect?

The procedure can be performed under local anaesthetic.  It usually takes one - two hours.

First of all the surgeon will make a small cut around the lower nipple, and then carry out liposuction or vaser liposuction to remove the excess fat.  Dissolvable stitches are generally used.  These will disappear on their own.  There may be some blood-stained fluid directly after the operation; this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

Vaser liposuction helps to tighten the skin as it uses an ultrasonic technique which assists with skin retraction.  Vaser liposuction costs slightly more than liposuction.  However, recovery is usually quicker as it's a less invasive operation.

Success Rate

This is a very successful procedure which gives men a considerable boost in self-confidence, enabling them to wear tighter T-shirts and to go swimming which previously they may have avoided.

Impartial and informative consultation

It is very important to discuss your goals and expectations before making a decision, and we want you to be fully and properly prepared.  Our consultations are held at our Brighton clinic. They are totally confidential and there is no obligation to proceed. To book a consultation, call 01273 604444, email us or fill in our contact form.

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