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A peel regenerates the skin, leaving it smoother with fewer wrinkles. The procedure is also used on other parts of the body, including the neck and hands.  Traditional chemical peels consist of chemical solutions which are applied to the skin, causing flakes or blisters that eventually peel off. This old-fashioned technology is painful, destroys healthy tissue and forces the body to heal itself.  At A New You we use non-traumatic peels, which work by stimulating healthy change, resulting in a beautiful, renewed complexion.

Who is the procedure suitable for?

Peels are suitable for a range of conditions including acne and post-acne scarring; ageing skin; dull, weathered skin; excessively sebaceous (oily) skin; blackheads and whiteheads; blotchy pigmentation; non-keloidal scarring; stretch marks; sun spots; skin-darkening and discolouration; and wrinkles.

What can I expect?

At your consultation we may recommend a pre-peel preparatory kit such as Obagi NuDerm, comprising a balance of products designed to exfoliate, stimulate, protect and prepare your skin for the peel by increasing circulation and providing skin-building components, which will enable the peel to work better.

Whether or not you have this preparatory procedure, the peel is applied all over a thoroughly cleansed face or body. It's left on for a specific time depending on your skin type and the area being treated, which can be from three minutes to overnight. These peels are not for home use, and they have to be applied in a clinic environment by a trained specialist.

After the peel has been applied, it's normal to feel a warmness in the treated area.  However, some people feel nothing.  Depending on the peel selected for your skin type, flaking or peel will start to occur from one to seven days after your treatment.  Some peels, such as Obagi Blue, require one week's downtime following application.

Success Rate

These peels work best on skin that is not excessively damaged or lined. The results can be maintained by following the skin-care programme recommended by your practitioner at A New You.

Types of Peels

Here are details of just some of the peels we offer:

Obagi Blue Peel® and Obagi Blue RADIANCE®

The Obagi Blue Peel and Obagi Blue Radiance were developed over 20 years by Professor Obagi, a world-renowned dermatologist, in California. The peels come in different strengths, according to the number of skin layers to be treated.

Obagi Blue Radiance (very light peel)

Popular for special occasions, this peel reduces skin damage, including photo-damage, resulting in instant radiant results – tighter, smoother, brighter-looking skin - after just one treatment. However, better effects are achieved after two or more treatments. Suitable for most skin types, including dark and black skin. No recovery time is needed.

Obagi Blue Peel (light, medium or deep)

A deeper, TCA (Trichlooroacetic Acid) peel for sun-damaged skin, suitable for men and women who have light pigmentation, mild acne, age spots, rough skin and fine lines.  It is available in different strengths to penetrate the different layers of the skin, according to the condition being treated. More than one peel may be required, depending on the amount of damage and the skin condition being addressed. Peeling starts from day three and can last up to seven days, according to the number of skin layers penetrated.

To see a client review of an Obagi Blue Peel click here.

Obagi Blue Peel
Obagi Blue Peel

Obagi NuDerm

A pre-peel preparatory programme that must be used for at least six weeks for deeper penetration peels. However, people who only want or require a light Obagi Blue Peel can have this without any preparation and minimal downtime.

Dermaquest Pumpkin Resurfacer/Pumpkin Peel (very light) 

An advanced exfoliation treatment, excellent for pimples, acne and hyper-pigmentation. The peel improves skin hydration, supports the barrier function of the skin, refines the appearance of wrinkles, reduces existing acne and helps to prevent new acne lesions.  Pigmentation instantly looks lighter, and fine lines look softer. This peel is usually undertaken in a series of six treatments, one to two weeks apart, twice a year.

Salcylic Peel (light to medium)

This is the most effective peel for men and women with active acne. A course of antibiotics may be needed in conjunction with the peel to achieve the desired result.  Slight peeling may occur after three to five days.

LA Theraderm Peel (Jessna)(medium to deep)

A one-off peel that is performed after a two-week preparation period, using the Theraderm skin renewal system. Suitable for men and women of all skin types who seek improved smoothness and texture of the skin, increased collagen and elastin production, and diminished fine lines. It is also ideal for acne-prone skin, and is suitable for all skin types, including Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin with the correct preparation. The face, neck, hands, chest/cleavage can be treated at the same time. The skin starts to peel approximately three to five days after treatment. It is advisable to have a few days off work whilst you are peeling or plan your peel around a weekend. These peels can be performed at four to six weekly intervals - you may require more than one.

Skin Tech Easy TCA Peel (medium)

This peel is suitable for acne,sun-damaged, open pores, fine wrinkles and those wishing to have more of a result than the lighter peels offer. It is also suitable for Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin. It is a course of four peels applied at one to two weekly intervals. You may be prescribed some preparatory creams two weeks before this peel course commences. The skin will peel after three to four days and usually stops within a week, ready for the next peel.

Obagi NuDerm
Obagi NuDerm

Impartial and informative consultation

It is very important to discuss your goals and expectations before making a decision, and we want you to be fully and properly prepared.  Our consultations are held at our Brighton clinic.  They are totally confidential, and there's no obligation to proceed. To book a consultation, call 01273 604444, email us or fill in our contact form.

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