21 February 2011

Tips for A Gorgeous Summer

As Spring approaches, you probably find yourself daydreaming about Summer and improving your summer appearance. It’s simply never too early or too late to start preparations as the warmer weather approaches. Whether your goals are to slim, firm, define or smooth, today’s latest and greatest in cosmetic treatments has many of the answers you need.  Not only are they high tech, many of them can be completed in under an hour.

Check your Diet

To complement your new look go for a healthier lifestyle by trimming your plate of starchy foods like bread and pasta, and substitute high nutrition, low-calorie vegetables.

Rejuvenate and Refresh your Look

A glowing complexion is a sign of health and vitality. New advances in rejuvenating facial peels  reverse the aging process and make it gentle and easy to create younger looking, blemish-free skin.  It’s not like the 80s or the Sex and the City blue peel where you can’t show your face for a couple of weeks after having a peel; with today’s peels, you can carry on working as normal.  All you need to do is to stay out of the sun while your skin is going through the rejuvenating process, so the sooner you have your peel the better.

High Definition Eyes

A healthy diet and lots of sleep will brighten your outlook and put a twinkle in your eyes. After that, try some of the new mineral-based cosmetics  to get a glamorous look that not even a hot day under the sun can melt. Or how about trying high definition eyebrows?  An artfully shaped brow frames your eyes, and sculpts your face so noticeably that you may even find that you need less eye makeup to feel polished.

Legs For Summer

Flaunt your legs, and do it proudly. Laser/Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair removal has come a long way since its early days. With just a few flashes of light, hair follicles are put to rest. The result? You can go days and even weeks without touching a razor. With one less thing to think about as Summer approaches, you’re sure to be hair-free with more time for fun.



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