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20 December 2010

Walk in for a friendly chat about cosmetic procedures

The internet is a brilliant way to research cosmetic treatments. We get loads of online enquiries. But many of us much prefer talking to a real, live person.

We’ve noticed a dramatic increase in foot traffic since moving to our new premises on Trafalgar Street, right in the heart of Brighton. As we suspected people like to pop in while they’re in town. They feel comfy here. They get a warm welcome. We’re always happy to offer a free coffee and a ten minute chat.

It’s the first real step many people take towards treating themselves to cosmetic surgery or a non surgical treatment. Chatting things through with an expert helps people put their circumstances in perspective. It gives them information about their surgical and non surgical choices. It allows them to discuss their initial thoughts to see whether they’re thinking along sensible lines. And it helps to run their concerns past someone friendly who isn’t a family member or friend. Someone unbiased!

Some of our visitors decide pretty quickly that cosmetic treatments aren’t for them after all. That’s fine with us. We don’t hold it against them and there’s no obligation! Others want to go into more detail before making up their minds. In which case the next step is a formal consultation that they pay for.

The process we follow provides people with all the information they need. It creates valuable thinking space and answers to questions. It helps people make an informed decision. This isn’t on-demand, drive-through cosmetic surgery. It’s a careful, caring process and our customers find it very helpful. So pop in!




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