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19 November 2010

Brow lift surgery taken to the next stage for 'miracle cure'

Brow lift surgery has long been proven to give you a clearer, smoother brow, free of frown lines. But did you know it can also cure migraines?

A Sussex plastic reconstructive surgeon has noticed that brow lifts not only deliver a more youthful look. Removing the 'frown muscle' from just above each eyelid apparently has a strong positive effect on migraine sufferers, curing their illness and freeing them from crippling headaches. It can even reduce the associated shoulder pain caused by tense brow muscles.

Botox can have an effect, reducing migraines through relaxing the facial muscles. But keyhole brow lift surgery procedure could prove more effective than any other migraine treatment. The surgeon noticed the effect some years ago but, as far as he understands, there hasn't been any research into the matter in the UK. And nobody else - so far - has used the procedure specifically to tackle migraines. As a result brow lift surgery isn't approved under the NHS for migraine sufferers. It's only available privately.

Like any surgery, a brow lift is a big step and should always be discussed fully in detail before going ahead. But if these observations are correct, brow surgery could be a life saver for thousands of migraine sufferers. Penny Radcliffe is the first person to have the procedure done with the specific aim of curing migraines. She suffered so badly she was out of comission with chronic headaches for one week in four. She says, "I haven't had a headache since. I was desperate and I was giving up so much of my life to migraines. I would definitely recommend this solution to anyone in my situation."




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