10 December 2010

Cosmetic surgery – Fall in love with yourself

Too many of us have lost our self confidence because of our looks, or an aspect of them. Some of us don’t mind getting older, wearing our grey hairs and wrinkles with pride. For others ageing is a big issue and the visible signs of it hit their confidence… hard.

Cosmetic surgery and non surgical procedures can help give self confidence a huge boost. Jackie at A New You sees it all the time. “So many people come in for the first time looking downtrodden, low and lacklustre, with an obvious case of the blues” she explains. “After their treatment there’s a new spring in their step. They hold their heads higher.”

But the effect can be much more dramatic than just a quick confidence boost. “It’s actually a bit like being in love” adds Jackie. “When you’re in love you feel powerful. You feel you can can achieve anything. You’re somehow nicer. You’re more cheerful, positive, ambitious and outwardly attractive. The same goes when you fall in love with yourself for the first time. Or for the first time in years.”

There’s a caveat. If your personal unhappiness and dissatisfaction runs deeper than the way you look, changing your appearance won’t help in the long term. But if you’re simply unhappy about the shape of your nose, your crows feet, moles or bingo wings, cellulite, saggy boobs or sticky-out ears, you’ll feel fantastic once it’s been sorted out.

Today’s surgical and non surgical treatments are safe, relatively painless, fast and safe. And they have the potential to give you a powerful personal boost, bigger than you might expect. You never know. A New You could lead to a new job, a new love or even a whole new life!




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