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Client Reviews

I really hated my open pores and blackheads and this treatment sucks them all away in the first part. My oily skin has not felt or looked this good since before I hit puberty. This really isn’t just a treat for girls its a real solution to troubled skin for everyone. I need another one soon.

It was a nice surprise to have a treatment that was so enjoyable but was really effective, my skin was cleaned deeply and that made a massive difference. Skin felt smooth and soft and plumped up for so much of the weeks ahead. I will defiantly be making this a regular feature its more than just a facial.

A very high standard of pre and post care. The treatment has improved my confidence and self esteem


EW Brighton

From start to finish my experience with A New You was my best choice ever made, I wish I had done it years ago. The treatment I received was the very best and everyone was so helpful, supportive and very caring. The surgeon that performed the operation was the nicest man ever, he made me feel relaxed and not self conscious. He explained everything to me clearly and talked me through the procedure. The kindest caring surgeon in the world! My consultant specialist nurse Jackie was also amazing and she along with Kerry made everything so simple. Fantastic team.

It has improved my health. I am grateful to the surgeon and the staff. Outstanding work – I am very satisfied with the care and would recommend them. Friendly and honest approach.

I am still recovering and final results will take time but I am delighted that I am now normal. My self-confidence is noticeably improved. The aftercare is good. I always felt listened to and felt comfortable asking questions. I didn’t walk out with what I went in for – I came out with what I really wanted and never thought I’d have. I never felt pressured – it was my decision.

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It has made me feel more like a woman, not a girl. The staff are great! You can have a laugh with them yet they remain professional at all times.

I forgot to say thank you so much for my get well soon card and I have to say everyone I’ve met so far has been so lovely. I visited some different clinics before I came to you and I’m glad I chose you guys. I’ll be upset the day I’ve finished my treatments and I don’t have to come back in any more.

It’s an on-going process but it’s helping with my pigmentation. Brilliant service and care given by Jackie and the team are all amazing!

It worked! It removed unslightly redness on my cheeks (Face cheeks!!). Local, friendly and affordable.

It has made me feel more confident. Jackie kept on trying until she got me the treatment, instead of just saying ‘sorry we can’t help you’.

There has been a continuous improvement in the appearance of my skin. Friendly practice and everyone is helpful and very knowledgeable.

How do you feel the treatment or product has helped you?

Made me feel better.

What do you like most about A New You?

Friendly and helpful.

I feel significantly more at ease with myself and other people. I lost confidence due to constantly being told how tired I looked. Knowledgeable, accommodating, lovely receptionists and admin team. The principle practitioner takes a real pride in doing her best for you.

The treatment has made me a lot more confident and I look forward to seeing further results in the future. The staff were very helpful and kept me informed at all times. They also offered support post operation.

I am really pleased with the results of my veinwave treatment. The skin tag on my eye line and warts on my face went in just one session. I can highly recommend this treatment to anyone as it’s such as simple and effective procedure.

What struck me very early on when I met Jackie was her care, her heart and her genuine desire to help. From my experience I can say that Jackie’s nursing qualifications, experience and integrity ensure high standards. Jackie, in this industry, is able to express and achieve her life’s call – to help transform people’s lives. I felt ‘safe’ and remain very grateful, some years on, for what she achieved for me.

It makes my face feel lighter and brighter; and I feel fresh without make-up! The staff are friendly, down to earth and listen to what you want.

The treatment made me happier about my appearance. Comfortable surroundings, friendly staff.

“I was always self conscious when I had my photo taken. I hated my profile. I saw a very understanding surgeon at A New You, who listened to my concerns and showed me a computerised image of how good my nose could look with just a few slight improvements. Now I actually enjoy having my photo taken.”

I’d always been embarrassed about my excess skin in my genital area since I’d had children I’d also become ‘looser’ in this department.

I plucked up the courage to go and see someone at A New You and found them to be most sympathetic and I was not at all embarrassed as they made me feel so comfortable and it was much more straight forward than I had imagined. It’s made such a difference to my sex life and how I feel.

“I wasn’t planning to have surgery, but I wanted a young and youthful appearance. I was recommended to A New You for their Sculptra treatment and I’ve never looked back.

Now I’m benefiting from the long lasting results. People keep commenting on how good I look!”

I’d always been concerned about being bottom heavy and no amount of dieting or exercise would shift my saddle bags. I finally decided that I would treat myself for my 40th birthday and had Vaser Laser liposuction.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done and I wish I had done it years ago.

I look much better and have much more confidence when I go shopping for clothes.

“I was fed up with people telling me I looked tired. I’d inherited my father’s baggy eyes. I was surprised it could be done as a day case. Now I look happy, rested and refreshed.”

Although I’d heard that botox has been used on children with cerebral palsy for the past 25 years and is now licensed to be used for those annoying frown lines, I was worried about being left without any character in my face.

I discussed my fears with Jackie at A New You and she assured me all I would lose would be those annoying frown lines – which I’m happy to say I no longer have!

“I was completely happy to proceed and knew that I’d been fully informed of exactly what would happen and the risks and recovery time. Now I’ve got the breasts I’ve always wanted.”

“I wish I’d done it sooner. It was much easier to go through than I’d imagined.”

If you have ever considered having any cosmetic surgery like me you may have feel confused with just how much information is out there and then who should you go to for some clear advice.

I had a tummy tuck and upper eye lid surgery at the beginning of September 2010 organised by Jackie at A New You with Mr Joffily. Jackie has been brilliant all the way through answering my questions, reassuring me about the procedure. What I think has been so great for me is the attention to my after care, being a local clinic has meant that it has been so easy to attend follow-up appointments.

I have felt really cared for not just before and during my surgery but now several months later Jackie is keen to continue to monitor my progress. Needless to say I am really happy with the results.

I’m so happy with my nose after having rhinoplasty.  My surgeon, Dr.Joffily, has done a fantastic job, I love the way it looks.

A New You have really impressed me, their staff have always been helpful and friendly and Jackie has always been extremely helpful and informative and is always available to go through any questions I may have.

Also the staff at the Welbeck hospital were fantastic, as well as the facilities there. Throughout the whole experience I always felt in safe hands, as everyone I encountered is clearly a top professional.

The whole experience went really well, and now I’m just so happy with my new nose.

A New You were efficient and helpful right from my initial enquiry. My appointment time was worked around me and I felt at ease at my first consultation. I found Jackie to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful and most importantly honest.

Her wealth of experience gave me confidence and reassurance in her suggestions for my breast surgery. I left feeling excited and at ease with the prospect of my life changing surgery just a short time away.

Thanks for your help and support!

I would like to say how delighted I am with the results of my recent ‘tear- trough’ filler treatment. It was very quick and painless. The hollow and ageing shadows which made me look tired and drained have virtually disappeared. My skin is plumper and people are saying how well I look!

I no longer feel the need even to use concealer under my eyes which is great!

It has given me a real confidence boost and I would thoroughly recommend it.

I was unhappy with a small pocket of fat on my abdomen that I could not seem to shift even with diet and exercise. After a very informative consultation with Jackie & my surgeon at A New You I had Vaser Liposuction.

I liked the convenience of having my consultation locally in Brighton and was well looked after and even driven home after the procedure! I am very pleased with the results and aftercare that I received.

I was surprised that there was minimal bruising and the short recovery time. It has encouraged me to continue with a healthy diet and boosted my confidence.

Veinwave red vein removal treatment is so effective it has resulted in me no longer having to put concealer on my face every day, and I feel liberated!

The odd red spot on my neck and chest were also treated and I am delighted with the results. Jackie and the team work hard to ensure great results and are very attentive to individual needs.

I am very happy with the result of the Veinwave treatment I have had. My confidence has increased now that the red veins on my chin and around my nose have been removed, and my appearance has improved.

Most of all I liked the knowledge of product and the advice given as well as the professional care given when doing the peel and other services.

Carry on with professional delivery, brilliant, and great service.

I liked the friendliness and honesty of the staff, personal touch and being treated like an individual.

Friendly, approachable staff; great service and advice given at all times.  Offered competitive deals for group bookings.

Lovely friendly staff! Lovely professional atmosphere. Well trained technicians.

What you liked best about A New You – Jackie and the staff

What you think A New You could do better – Nothing! Keep up the great work and service!

I liked the friendliness and honesty of the staff, personal touch and being treated like an individual.

Friendly staff, great ambience.

Friendly staff and very attentive. Appointments are easy to take, and patients are reminded a day before of their appointment.

Firstly I would like to say staff are very welcoming and friendly. Offering tea or coffee and generally trying to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Secondly the procedure went extremely well.

Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, excellent service!

Friendly staff, central location, good standard of service.

Treatment is individual to you. Lots of advice given. Feels like a personal service.

I like the friendly + prompt service. The shop is nice and clean + presentable. Loving the special offers.

Very friendly and approachable. Felt like I was getting good advice and was extremely happy with my treatment.

Friendly staff, efficient service.

Really friendly and helphul staff, providing user-friendly plans for using cosmetics.

Relaxed atmosphere + professional care.

The effect was instantaneous and very good. Will certainly be back for maintenance.

Punctual appointments, very friendly and professional staff, the procedure was very successful, relaxed and personal atmosphere.

An excellent service with very good skin products and excellent follow up care. I am very pleased with the service and treatment provided by A New You.

Good products, lovely staff.

I’m so glad I decided on A New You for my surgery.

Jackie and her team make you feel completely at ease.

Procedures are clearly explained (in my case less was required than I had been told by other clinics) and the care goes on well past the expected follow up appointment.

If you’re looking for excellence with a friendly face then this is the place for you.

From my very first visit to A New You Jackie and the girls were welcoming, informative and reassuring. I felt confident that my surgeon, Mr Joffily, understood exactly the look I wanted and took the time to listen to me and advise me on what would work best for my body.

I’m so pleased with the final result and fully recommend A New You to anyone interested in a Breast Enlargement.

The staff are very helpful and full of good advice and welcoming.  I feel very comfortable talking to them.

Being extremely self-conscious about a small scar on my face I’ve had consultations, and treatments at well known Harley Street clinics, but I’ve returned to A New You.

The service is excellent, the staff are friendly, and I’m pleased to say, more importantly, that I’ve seen significant improvements in not only the scar, but my overall appearance through having derma-roller treatments.

If you’re prepared to listen to the advice of the clinic, and persevere with the recommended treatment you will see results. Jackie in particular, not only looks great herself (which is
reassuring), is extremely passionate about what she does, and I firmly believe what’s to provide good quality treatments at reasonable prices.

This is a genuine testimonial from a real customer, who now looks great, feels more confident, and will continue to use the clinic for the foreseeable future.

A New You reassured me and made me feel at ease.

I want to feed back to you the wonderful care I received throughout my experience with your clinic. From my first consultation with Jackie who was so professional and put me at ease straight away, her manner was reassuring and her knowledge of the procedure was extensive. My consultant Mr Joffily was a very charming, patient and also put me at ease I had been to a few clinics prior to choosing this clinic, which I found pushy and less informative. A New You from reception staff, nurse and doctors were outstanding.

The Wellbeck hospital where the surgery took place was a warm, inviting hospital, the staff were friendly and incredibly helpful, the whole experience was professional and friendly, and the care was an extremely high quality. I would highly recommend this clinic, and of course finally the results have been more than I could have hoped for.

I had Milia Extraction, very close to my eye. I am so pleased with the treatment, it was not painful at all. The practitioner, Jackie, was amazing and very patient. Super service!

I cannot recommend them enough.

I was very impressed with the professionalism and caring nature of all the staff. The surgeon Mr Joffily was very experienced and friendly and the staff at the hospital were fabulous and I felt very looked after. The recovery after Vaser was not as bad as I was expecting and 3 weeks post surgery I feel great and am seeing results already and cannot wait for more to come!

So pleased I finally did this… the only regret is that I did not do it sooner.